Megaman X

When I started to play in PC I started to download emulators, the first one being SNES emulator. I have played several Megaman games, however, this is the first one that I have cleared. I don't have a good relationship with Megaman games because I got killed a lot and it just drove me insane. All of... Continue Reading →

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Marvel vs Capcom Series

We are going back to the fighting games. I mean they are not the type of game you will spend months and month deciphering puzzles and different quest or missions, etc. I mean they are basically designed to just enjoy and have fun. Let's face it was is there not to love when two worlds collide?... Continue Reading →

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Final Fantasy 10

We are now starting my journey with Play Station Games. I know this is not the first game in the series, however, this is the first game that I actually cleared. Never the less I did player earlier entries but was unsuccessful at the time to actually pass any of the games. So the game... Continue Reading →

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Mario Kart Series

This game is one of those that may break a friendship due to its competitiveness.  I mean if you think of it, the franchise has a 9 console games and 4 arcade games. The latest release was Mario Kart Deluxe for Nintendo Switch, which I haven't been able to play. I wanted to toggle the whole franchise as... Continue Reading →

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Resident Evil 4

Now we are moving on to GameCube games. I played other games before this one, but this game is probably the game that I have cleared the most. If I remember correctly I have cleared the game about 14 times. I have played other entries of this franchise, however,, this is the first one I actually... Continue Reading →

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Pokemon Snap

Just looking back at N64 games bring me such a nostalgic feeling. Pokemon Snap is not the type of game you will actually be weeks playing too; I mean it's not like a Zelda game. But it is a very entertaining game, at least for me. I have always liked artsy things, photography being one... Continue Reading →

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